5 Tips For Loading Your Dumpster Rental in Tampa


Whether it’s time for Spring cleaning or perhaps a kitchen remodel, a dumpster is one of the best ways to handle all that waste. Loading your dumpster rental with everything is easy (sometimes fun).

You could just pile everything aimlessly, but there are ways to load your dumpster efficiently to maximize space. After all, you’ll want to pack as much in to keep your dumpster rental costs down. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your dumpster rental in Tampa.

Know what’s allowed in the dumpster rental (and what isn’t)

Step one is to understand what you’re allowed to load in your dumpster rental. Construction like drywall, plaster, and roofing shingles are all fine. Furniture, appliances, and outdoor tools are also fine.

But here’s what’s banned:

  • Paints, stains, and lacquers
  • Hazardous materials, including household cleaners and pesticides
  • Batteries, computer monitors, and other electronic waste

  • If you’re unsure, always ask before tossing it in.

Bag lighter items

Items on the lighter side like paper, cardboard, and styrofoam can fly out of your dumpster with the right weather. Keep large garbage bags handy and bag lighter materials as you go. Bagging also frees up dumpster space to maximize your load.

Think of Tetris while loading your dumpster rental

Big pieces like a fridge or couch can create gaps in your dumpster rental. You can fill these spaces with smaller items to maximize space. But if you have large flat materials like tiles or wooden boards, lay these along the bottom before piling trash on top.

Never overfill your dumpster rental

After we pick up your dumpster rental, we head to various recycling centers throughout Tampa. In order to keep Tampa safe as well as clean, we have to make sure it’s not overflown with items. Sometimes companies may refuse to haul an overfilled dumpster. So the organization is key to ensure everything will fit.

Better planning means better results

Loading your dumpster rental is a breeze, but with a little bit of planning, you can maximize your rental. Dumpster rentals eliminate most stresses that are accompanied by housing tasks. Save yourself time and stress, perhaps you may even save a bit of money.

Dumpster Dogs, a dumpster rental company in Tampa, has been providing safe and cost-effective waste solutions for years. Rent one of our 15-yard dumpsters for your next project, and see why our team is trusted by homeowners and contractors in the Tampa Bay Area.

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