Will A Residential Dumpster Rental Fit In My Driveway?


Many people have misconceptions about what size for a residential dumpster rental. If you are wondering whether or not your driveway is big enough to fit a dumpster, then keep reading!

Residential Dumpster rentals come in many different sizes and it’s important that you choose the right size for the amount of fill that you have. Our most popular residential dumpster rental is a 15-yard dumpster. The dimensions of this dumpster are 14.25′ x 7.75′ x 4.79′. As a general rule of thumb, our dumpsters take up a little more space than a normal parking spot.

Our residential dumpster rentals fit in any traditional driveway, even in the tightest of neighborhoods. We also have a process in place to protect your driveway. By placing a protective buffer of wooden boards under the dumpster, it disperses the weight. The dumpster doesn’t touch or scratch your driveway. If you’re worried about the dumpster fitting for any reason, we can use the lawn or any location of your preference. The operator will do the same protection process for dumpsters placed on lawns or dirt.

After you’re finished up, just give us a call and we’ll pick it up, as simple as that. Our operator will sweep your driveway to get rid of any unwanted materials or debris. Our operator will also place a tarp over the dumpster, keeping debris in and away from your property and neighborhood.

We appreciate your interest and we hope to clear up any questions you may have about residential dumpster rentals and their size. We’d love to assist in your project whether it’s large or small, we’ll be there to take care of you. We’re a proud supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa, proceeds from each dumpster rental help animals throughout the local Tampa Bay Area. 

Thanks from us at Dumpster Dogs, Tampa Bay’s source for quality and transparent dumpster rentals.

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